alleah / k*chan

sing, sleep, games


23 * she / they * Registered Nurse

Hi! I'm Alleah ( 'ah-lay-uh' ), but most people online know me as k*chan or kusari. I like to sing and occasionally make mograph videos / graphics - but really nowadays I sleep & play vidya games. I post/RT what aligns with my current interests. Occasional NSFW. LGBT+ friendly.

I also provide the voice for Grace in the mobile game: NOISZ STΔRLIVHT!


I'm available for collaborations! :) Please send me a message through Twitter [@alleahxkchan] ,
or my email [[email protected]] with the project details.

!! Let me know who you are before adding me on any social media / games !!
I spook easy, so I'd appreciate knowing who it is I'm adding.


"(첸백시) '花요일 (Blooming Day)'" - originally by EXO-CBX

"Blue Bird" - remix by dj-Jo, vocals by me!